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I am trying to fix an issue with my brother's computer. Talking to him over the phone. He is running Win XP. I believe SP3, but it was a recent install and its possible only SP2. He is trying to install a ATI Radeon X1800. He downloaded the recent driver/catalyst control center and while installing the screen blanks out and his graphic card begins to flash a red light. Before this a message pops up saying, "The software you are installing for this hardware has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP." His computer will continually crash to black now. Any ideas?
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  1. try to install driver from the CD which came with the card...
  2. that CD is loooonnngg gone. its an old card.

    unfortunately, there is no onboard graphics either. so the blacking-out is becoming a real issue.
  3. About this card, does it required 6pin power connector?

    Try to boot from safe mode, see whether you can boot into windows or not.
    Make sure you download the driver from ATI site...
    And choose the right one.
  4. Yes it requires the 6pin power, which is hooked up.

    Yes, we are using the latest ATI download.

    Also, (a seperate issue) F8 does not load SAFE MODE boot. But managed to get into safe mode loading boot.ini in Windows. It says on for like 10min before crashing.

    Anyway, installing the driver during safe mode also crashed to black. :(
  5. The latest ATI download is hit and miss. They dont officially suport your card anymore. You could always try these drivers

    I have used then extensivly myself with various cards from a X1650XT to a HD3850, I rate them better than ATI drivers for older cards.

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