My Pentium 4 computer's setup has stopped detecting my 160 GB WD SATA hard disk Model: WD 1600AABS.

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  1. If it is correctly connected either the drive died or the motherboard SATA controller/connection did.
  2. It is correctly connected. Is there any way I can save the data?
  3. If it is the drive that is working yes but if the drive is dead difficult.
  4. So if it is dead, all the data is lost and there is no way to recover it. Right?
  5. If the drive is dead you could send it out to a data recovery specialist for major$$$.
  6. Yep that is pretty much it.
  7. Although the drive rotates, but setup does not detect it.But it does detect the port to which the drive is attached.
  8. Have you tried it in a different port or another drive in the port?
  9. Yes both SATA port. Port 0 and port 1.
  10. Any other drives to make sure the ports are working? Can be DVD/CD.
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