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This is my first post so I hope I don't seem to like a noob :). Anyways I have a question that I would like to have answers/theory's as to why this is happening.

So basically until the past few days I have been playing online games with my Playstation 3 and Xbox360 without a hitch. However, when I try to play a game now it drops me every few minutes. And my question to you guys is why?

Just to give a little basic information of what I have tried to do is the following: I have reset my router, and I have fed my connection through my computer, into the systems via connection bridge.

Thanks for your time and help!
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  1. Hi welcome to the forums.

    How far away is the router? How many other wireless devices are around, laptops, ipads, iphones, etc. Also home wireless phones and microwaves make interference. Do you share the internet connection with anyone else? Is your router secured with encryption?

    What brand is the router? I have problems with netgear personally. At least 6 different models. So I stay away from those.
  2. Well If i had to guess I would say that it is maybe 150 feet away... I have a repeater maybe only 50 feet away from me so I always have good reception, it does however, go through a wall. As far as I can think aside from my computer,laptop and video game systems, there is nothing else that uses wireless. I do share my connection with my parents and they both have their own computer that is connected through direct connection.

    I know the brand of my router is a linksys, and I believe it is a 108.11g (might have gotten the numbers wrong, but I'm almost positive its g).

    For me, this whole situation is really weird, because I can surf the internet and download things at the speed that I would normally. It just when I play a game online with one of my various consoles, it lags out. I read somewhere that it might be router giving out, however I do not have the know how to even deduce if that is just somebody talking who doesn't know anything or someone who does

    Thanks for your response!
  3. go with dlink!
  4. Dlink is almost impossible for me given that I would have to sprawl an enternet cable like 300 feet, otherwise I would seriously be all over that idea lol.
  5. LOL he meant get a Dlink brand router. Some of them are better than a linksys for range.

    I gotta be honest, I can't recommend any settings that might fix the issue at the router level. But 150 ft and 50 ft are both long distances for 802.11g. In my experience, you can expect drop outs. I think that you are getting reasonable performance on the PC while browsing because that is not the same as a PS3 or xbox logged in - if the signal is crappy and you drop just the right packets, you will get signed off of PS3/xbox. This would never be apparent if you were just browsing.

    All I can say is try to change the channel of the wireless, try to get the repeater closer, or up the voltage on the repeater. If you have a WRT54g you can go for the DDwrt firmware that lets you raise the voltage.
  6. Lol see? I told you guys I was a noob lol. All things aside, I had never even considered that although I don't know why. I'll see what I can do about up'ing the voltage on the repeater though. Thanks again for all of your help!
  7. FYI, most stock firmwares on most routers don't let you up the voltage past "normal" some only let you turn it down. On the event yours was turned down, you could raise it back to normal. The alternative is to flash the firmware with something from DDWRT, or tomato, or openwrt. These firmwares totally change the web page software on the router, and add options to raise the voltage over 10x that of the router's default. That doesn't mean it will go 10x further, but it could help.

    Try moving things first. Raise the repeater higher, make sure the antennas are pointing straight up, and make sure that repeater and router are not boxed in between bulky items.
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