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Hey guys. i have a little problem i was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on.
i have just purchased a new rig with an i5 760 on a P7P55-M motherboard and a Akasa venom cpu cooler. when using prime 95 my max temp after 30 mins is 50 degrees at 1000rpm on my cpu fan.

When altering the fan speed to max in the bios and running Prime95 for 30 mins the temps are exactly the same, with a 1,700rpm on my cpu fan.

Also i had my cpu professionally oc'd by OCUK over the phone and my temps were in the high 90's on a safe OC that they use all the time.

i know there is something wrong here but i dont know what.

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  2. You say that 50 degrees are you load temps? Thats good. If you say 90 are you load overclock temps, well then they must have given you a very aggressive OC, thats getting to an unsafe range for CPU health. What was it overclocked to and at what voltage? Did you apply your own thermal compound?
  3. 50 degrees load wothout oc. 90+ with OC. but also i am talking about my fan speed being 700 rpm faster and not even seeing a 1 degree drop in temp at load.
  4. cpu ratio : 20x
    BLCK Freq : 200
    DRAM freq : 1600
    PCIE freq : 100
    DRAM tming : 9, 9, 9, 28
    Vcore : 1.4v
    DRAM busvolt 1.65

  5. 50 degrees with a decent cooler at load for the i5 is normal:


    I wouldnt be as concerned with the 700 rpm and no decrease though. What is more important is the OC. What did they OC it to?
  6. 4.0ghz with the settings you see above.

    ran prime 95 and it shut down @ 100 degrees!
  7. Oh, nevermind. Hmmm, id do 190 BLCK frequency and at 1.32 volts. 3.8 GHz is usually the threshold in which the i5 needs to go from 1.3 volts to over 1.4 volts.
  8. what about the DRAM volt and timings? keep the same?
  9. and ram frequency
  10. Yeah, that shouldnt be affecting it.
  11. i can not change my vcore over 0.63 for some reason............
  12. That doesnt seem possible, what are you using to OC it? Are you sure its your V-Core?
  13. it was my Vcore Overvoltage.
  14. So you cant get the V core to 1.3?
  15. yes i can, it is at that now. i have set it to 190 x 20. core voltage at 1.336
    running prime and after 5 mins the core is at 80 degrees
  16. Also at 3.8 ghz
  17. Try using something else to test it, those readings dont seem right if the fan is on and thermal paste was applied properly. Did you build this yourself, or OCUK?
  18. OCUK built it. i have stoppped the test because when it hiuts 85 degrees it underclocks itself to 1.7, the temps drop to 50 degrees, then it goes back up to 3.8ghz and temp rocket up again.
  19. If they built it, there might be something wrong with the thermal paste they applied. I suggest either applying your own thermal paste, or taking it back to them and making them look at it. The latter might not work as well since it does run at good temps without an OC, so that might not be their fault.
  20. i see. it may just be the paste. i will re apply the paste and see what happens i guess.
    just to add i have lowered my cpu voltage to 1.16v, changed my DRAM tmings to auto and have the multiplier set to 190 x 20.0. at 3.8ghz with prime95 blend test after 30 mins the max temp is 65 degrees.

    How does that look to you?
  21. 65 degrees is fairly decent for load. However the stock voltage for the i5 i believe is 1.2 volts, so putting it that low should cause instability. Id recommend something along the line of 1.25 volts, and maybe 3.4 GHz. Try to get it as high as possible, while staying under 70 degrees, and keeping it stable.
  22. ok, thanks.
  23. one quick question, what do the colour changes in the dram vojltage mean? purple, yellow and blue...?
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