Replacing Radeon X1950 pro 256mb

Recently I have been having problems with my Radeon X1950 356mb GPU, so was thinking of upgrading it if only a little. I only really play wow and pro ev so not much to strain the machine I would have thought but I am quite clueless to be honest.

My build is, Core Dou at 2.66GHz with Asus P5KE motherboard,
600W PSU, running windows XP.
This was my first attempt at a build a few years ago.

I was thinking of possibly the nVidia GeForce 9800 GT as recommended on the budget cards topic.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    How much do you want to spend ?
  2. How about a 4670 or 5670? 9800 gt is good too, about as good as the 5670.
    4650 < 4670 < 5670/9800 gt < 4770 < 4850/5750 < 4870/5770
  3. Sorry i was thinking of spending under £70 and thankyou for replies and welcome :D
  4. Hmm UK prices are more or less a gouge but we all know who to blame but going second hand isn't a bad idea. You can land a fairly decent card in the price range such as a 9600gt or a 3870 which was a good upgrade over my x1900xt. Start looking around locally for shops that price fairly well and some eBay sellers do ship overseas which I have done my self.
  5. ^Gotta agree there, for the price, that 4850 is hands down the best card mentioned, a 9800GT is not a bad choice either. Everything else mentioned is cheap enough, but really dated.

    9600 is a really slow card compared, and a 3870, wow now there is trip down memory lane, not a lot better than your 1950. (well it is, but I still wouldn't want it) You have enough processor power to do better than these relics.
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