Upgrading from 5770 to 5850 smart move or dumb?

well im really actually enjoying the 5770 I just wish I had more horsepower in games like crysis (the first one) and bbc2 some of these shooters are having a hard time running at 1920.... on high settings really chops down the framerate .. i'd almost rather put the settings down from high in regular crysis to medium so I can get around 60 fps but on high it just drops dramaticly with the settings on high.

my main problem is my monitor is 1080p 23 inch so it takes alot of resolution to cover the screen in games so its having a affect on performance

I was looking on newegg at some cards and was wondering what everyones experience is certain brands.

i'm particularly intrested in this one because it looks like it is factory overclocked (I won't overclock it myself, im 2 scared lol) and it says it runs cooler but will it be blowing all the hot air out the back of the card or not with this one specifically.


says "OC at 765MHz, up to 27% cooler than standard 5850" its a gigabyte card never really heard anything about graphics cards brands besides xfx has a lifetime warranty thats why I got the xfx 5770

this one is same price as the gigabite but comes with a game although it looks like it blows the air back into the case? its a xfx


this is made by biostar and is 299 seems like the fans more inclosed then the two above?


there there is this saphire that has the same oc as the gigabite but a little bit different layout
between the sapphire and the gigabite which one puts the air out the back the best? I want to keep it cool inside the case itself.

also seems like a big price difference between the two a extra 40 bucks when your getting the same clock /card etc whats the difference im not seeing?

I'm running
140 w amd 965x4 3.4g
biostar ta790gx a3+
650 power supply antec
antec 300 mid tower case
4gb ddr3 corsair xms3
500gb seagate barracuda
got a big fan on the cpu cnps 10x extreme zalman

Is this motherboard going to hold back my 3d card if i end up getting a 5850?
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  1. 3rd card?
    so what is your 2nd card?

    what is your motherboard? can you give us the link?
  2. you have a GX mobo that supports crossfire plus a PSU that can handle two cards, why not get a second 5770?
  3. ^+1, adding another one in CrossFireX will provide a decent and noticeable performance increase.
  4. Agreed, crossfire those puppies.
  5. because the motherboard isn't really 16x double it is 8x 8x if you crossfire them not 16x 16x like you would want not "true crossfire"

  6. most cards cant utilize the full x16 slot including the ATI 5770, so at dual x8 5770's you would not see any performance decrease compared to dual x16.

    at dual x8 with 5850's you would take a hit (compared to dual x16)

    *9800 GX2 test on x4,8,16
  7. Yeah x8 is fine. It's x4 that should be avoided. Actual dual x16 are really quite rare.
    Here is a good article on crossfired HD5770/50s vs HD5870/50 so you can read up on the subject;
  8. this is taken out of the pdf on the site the mobo manual anyways I heard that you shouldn't crossfire unless you got two 16x true crossfire or w/e but ya it being cheaper would be nice just if im gonna spend 150 bucks if it doesnt crossfire all the time (some games dont support it) whats the point in having another 5770 just sitting there when you could have a 5850 for sure running at decent rate even if the application doesn't support crossfire

    PEX16_1: PCI-Express Gen2 x16 Slot (x16/x8 Speed)
    - PCI-Express 2.0 compliant.
    - PCI-Express Gen2 supports a raw bit-rate of 5.0Gb/s on the data pins.
    - 2X bandwidth over the PCI-Express 1.1 architecture.
    - x16 Speed Mode: Maximum theoretical realized bandwidth of 8GB/s
    simultaneously per direction, for an aggregate of 16GB/s
    totally. (Must be with DCCFX-P2 in PEX16_2)
    - x8 Speed Mode: Maximum theoretical realized bandwidth of 4GB/s
    simultaneously per direction, for an aggregate of 8GB/s
    totally. (Without DCCFX-P2 in PEX16_2 or using
    - PEX16_1 slot is reserved for graphics or video cards. The design of this
    motherboard supports dual PCI-Express graphics cards using CrossFireX
    technology with multiple displays. When using CrossFireX, this slot is
    master and runs with x8 speed.
    - To make this slot run with x16 speed, please insert the Paddle Card
    DCCFX-P2 into PEX16_2.
    PEX16_2: PCI-Express Gen2 x16 Slot (x8 Speed)
    - PCI-Express 2.0 compliant.
    - PCI-Express Gen2 supports a raw bit-rate of 5.0Gb/s on the data pins.
    - 2X bandwidth over the PCI-Express 1.1 architecture.
    - x8 Speed Mode: Maximum theoretical realized bandwidth of 4GB/s
    simultaneously per direction, for an aggregate of 8GB/s
    - PEX16_2 slot is reserved for graphics or video cards. The design of this
    motherboard supports dual PCI-Express graphics cards using CrossFireX
    technology with multiple displays. This slot is slave when using CrossFireX.
    - Note: NVIDIA Dual Graphics is not supported
  9. x8 is fine like we have said. Lack of crossfire support is quite rare for current games. If you had no card and $300 to spend I probably would recommend an HD5850 instead but even then 2 HD5770s would be a reasonable choice. Considering you already have an HD5770, a capable motherboard and PSU crossfiring is a no-brainer imo.
    If you do go for an HD5850 anyway I would recommend this one;
  10. go with xfx ati radeon hd 5850 black edition
    xfx gives warranty like no other manufacturer 5 year
    the black edition is already overclocked to 765 mhz and 4500
    while 5850 non overclocked comes with 725 an 4000
    buy this graphics and than play crysis u will really enjoy
  11. I believe the current XFX HD5850 are on a custom PCB that does not allow you to raise the core voltage which will limit overclocking potential. The fan/heatsink on the card I linked is also better and quieter.
    But still, another HD5770 is the way to go in this situation imo.
  12. I think that any upgrade you don't need isn't a smart move, don't upgrade just for bragging rights, it is a waste of money.

    Your current card is already a very capable card, you won't get much enjoyment from turning the graphics settings a little higher in some games, maybe you won't even notice a difference.

    I have battlefield bad company 2 and I really can't tell whether I'm playing at medium or high unless I check the settings.

    Crysis is really little more than a synthetic benchmark, don't waste your money just to say "I can max out crysis".

    Don't get me wrong, If you were upgrading from a 3 year old card I may suggest the 5850 over the 5770, but now that you have a 5770, just keep it.
  13. Stay with 5770. 5770 is a little bit slower than 4890. A 5850 is a demotion in terms of performance and power efficiency. You are also giving up DX11 compatibility(if ever more games use it)

    Another 5770 for crossfire configuration is better upgrade path. You will definitely get better performance without discarding a good 5770 card.

    Below is the card hierarchy... It is base reference design cards. Actual game performance may vary but its a good reference point.

  14. Correction: 5850 is better than 5570 ( My mind was thinking 4850 too much coffee)....

    The performance gain of single 5850 over a 5770 wont be that great.

    Adding another 5770 makes more sense and you don't throw away a good 5770.

    Its your decision.

    Below is the GPU hierarchy for your reference

  15. not really upgrading for bragging rights more like being able to run the game on high and get 60 fps is what i want
  16. i'm really thinking about getting that asus the only thing I don't like is it puts more hot air in the case and the 5770 I got is the one that is open and already does that and my southbridge is always running at 49+++++ even at idle lol =/

    for reference two of these I already got one I think would make it to hot =/ thats another reason im looking for a 1 card solution
  17. another $40 bucks I could get a 2gb 5850 is that really gonna help in games or is that just for overclocking?
  18. Ok i've been looking around and according to someones post the 8x8 wouldn't slow it down more then 2% with the 5770's

    I got this power supply


    would I be able to hook up two I know it says its crossfire compatible but im just making sure because i read that you need
    "do make sure your power supply is compatible, preferably with the 6-pin power PEG headers."

    I'm just trying to get everything in order before I go ahead and do this I appreciate you guys help as always you guys never stop to amaze me with the stuff you know. :hello:

    I got a

    phenom x4 965 3.4
    sony dvd
    one 5770 already
    cnps 10x extreme fan on cpu itself
    500 gb baracuda 7200 rpm drive
    windows 7 64 bit
    4gb ddr3 xms corsair ram
    with like 5 fans hooked up throughout the antec 300 case

    does anyone see there being a problem with the power supply supplying enough power or am I good to add the 5770?

    my southbridge is already running at 50c-55c is that normal?
  19. anyone?
  20. Like I said earlier your PSU can handle 2 HD5770s. It could even handle 2 HD5850s for that matter. It has 2 PCIE connectors so you are good to go.
  21. jyjjy said:
    Like I said earlier your PSU can handle 2 HD5770s. It could even handle 2 HD5850s for that matter. It has 2 PCIE connectors so you are good to go.

    thanks I already got a

    so I'm getting a second one I know its not smart to mix and match and xfx tech support is sending me a free crossfirebridge so i'm a happy camper.

    after all that researching and everything it got down to a video that shows how long the card is which I already knew but that if your mobo layout isn't a certain way you really just can't fit the card so i'm stuck with two 5770's lolz but now that ive seen the 5770 benchmarks im not sad at all :)
  22. Mixing and matching brands shouldn't matter as long as they are both HD5770s but that's one of the better deals for the card anyway.
  23. damn, lol seems like no matter how much research I do theres always something i could of done better lol
  24. i opened up the case and was looking around lastnight and I saw the one plugged into the 5770 i got right now says pci-e I was looking for the other wires from the power supply and they were all tied up and i couldn't find another one saying pci x but i saw a 6 pin do i just use the 6 pin to plug it in?
  25. Your PSU supposedly has 2 PCIE power connectors. One is 6 pin and the other is a 6+2 pin which means it has an extra two pins which can be used for cards that need an 8 pin connector. It should look something like this;
    Each HD5770 uses one 6 pin connector so just don't use the two extra pins.
  26. but if i find a 6pin that looks exactly like the other 6 pin that's plugged into the 3d card already i think it said p6 im not sure
  27. * Mfr Part Number: EA650
    * Features:
    o 80 PLUS certified
    o ATX12V version 2.2 and EPS12V version 2.91 compatible
    o Three 12V output circuits
    o Industrial-grade protection circuitry
    o 6x SATA connectors
    o One (6+2) PCI-E connector
    o Universal Input
    o Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    o PF value up to 99%
    * Maximum Power: 650 W
    * Input:
    o Input Voltage: 100 - 240 V +/-10%
    o Input Frequency Range: 63Hz / 47Hz
    o Input Current: 10A @ 115V, 5A @ 230V
    o Efficiency: 80% or higher
    * Output: +3.3V@25A, +5V@25A, +12V1@22A, +12V2@22A, +12V3@25A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A
    * fan:120mm low noise cooling
    * Connectors: 1x 20+4 Pin, 1x 4 Pin 12V, 1x 8 pin 12V, 4 x SATA ,1x 6 Pin PCI-E, 1 x 6+2 Pin PCI-E, 6x Molex, 1x Floppy
    * Safety Approval: UL, CUL, FCC, TUV, CE, CB, C-tick, CCC
    * Dimensions (WxDxH): 5.9 x 6 x3.4 inch/ 15.0 x 15.2 x 8.6 cm
    * Weight:5.6 lbs / 2.5 kg
  28. why can't i choose a best answer anymore t.t
  29. Is there no 6+2 pin?
  30. lol no jewish eh? I found a review for the psu


    "You will notice that both PCI-E connectors are joined to take 12V3 all to themselves. Which, I remind you, is rated for 25A. This means that you should be able to run a single GTX 280 on this bad boy, but one only. And really, SLI on those things takes something bigger than 650W anyway."

    I just noticed I could find only one of the things that said pci-e and when i found anotherone that had the same input look as the pci e (6 pin same shape) it said p something on it but it didn't say pci-e from the looks of this power supply its not modular so the person who sold me the cpu couldn't of ripped out a pci e thing right? lol its there !!! i know it i swear even if i gotta use that 6 pin whatever lol
  31. Two HD5770s actually use less power than a GTX 280 so that shouldn't be an issue. Even if it was you could always use a molex converter to take advantage of one of the other rails. Your card even comes with one.
  32. Go for xfire 5770, two hd 5770s more or less equals a 5870
  33. i got both of them installed waiting on the bridge from xfx looking forward to seeing the performance difference my motherboard wouldn't fit a 5870 anyways i had priced it out and was going to buy one but the way the sata ports are they would get in the way motherboard layout not so good any settings in bios i need to do once i get the bridge or is it all in catalist control?
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