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I bought SB i5 2300 with msi h67ma-e45 MB .
when I work with on-board graphic It has no problem . but when I connected videocard (GTS250) when I run 3d programs (games or windows 7 rating) every thing freezes and I doesn't enter the game .and I have to reset computer .
I thought it might be my VideoCard problem so I used another Video card (my brother's 9500GT) and this time even it couldn't start up windows .
what do u think problem is ?
I think it is MB PCI-Express slut problem .what do u say ?
(535W power , 2X2Gb 1333 ram) :o
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  1. When you added the stand-alone video cards, did you install the current video drivers from Nvidia?

    You may need to remove all current drivers (google and download/install/run driversweeper) and then re-install from scratch.

    Good luck!
  2. yes I did !
    I even re-install videocard driver
  3. What make/model of power supply are you using? Need more information than the 535w rating you indicated earlier to make a proper assessment.

    Not all PSUs are created equally.
  4. no . 535 is enough !
    (Green power GP535A)
  5. I took a look at the specs for your PSU, and I honestly think it is not a very good power supply. I wouldn't rely upon it to last very long.

    I would suggest you can a better quality PSU (like this Seasonic). With PSUs, you really do get what you pay for:

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks for that bro !
    but I already bought the PSU !
  7. diako_lorddm said:
    Thanks for that bro !
    but I already bought the PSU !

    Good luck!
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