NVIDIA 9500 GT vs. 9500 GT 512 MB

My computer is older than a microwave oven, single core p4, 1 gig ram , ect. It's time for a new one, I'm poor and on a very tight budget (looking to spend $400 without the monitor) so I'm opting to buy pre built one rather than customize and build my own rig.


This is the absolute cheapest place I have found to buy a decent gaming computer with the OS included.

Some of their machines have cards that are listed as 9500 GT and some are listed as 9500 GT 512 mb, I'm new to purchasing video cards. Do the ones with nothing listed after them come with NO video memory or is this possibly a typo, if not what is the difference between the two.

I'm upgrading the machine because I mainly want to play WoW and other MMOs (consoles seem like a cheaper way to go for all other gaming needs.) I know MMOS are not as hardware intensive, esp wow which is more about CPU performance, but I would like to get a decent graphics card in case I want to branch out in other genres.

This machines seems like the best buy to me.


Any opinons on my purchase choice, and could I go this for cheaper/better, or get something exponentially better for a little more cash ( say $50 and under?)

Will I be able to max wow settings w/ this machines and still get a decent frame rate, how will other games play could I run Crysis 2 w/ mid settings?

Any information is helpful, thank you.
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  1. Some 9500GT's come with 256MB and some have 512MB or even 1GB either way it makes little to no difference as it's a low performance card and not really suited for gaming.
  2. I used to play wow on a E5200 2.5ghz with a 9500GT. I can it 1024x768 full setting and it ran fine. Any higher on the resolution and it would start lagging bad.
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