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Newegg has this sound card for what seems like a hell of a deal, only $25 after rebate with free s&h. i currently use onboard sound on the build in my sig. i'm not an audiophile but want my speakers/headset (both good but nothing top-of-the line) to sound good for gaming and movies. any advice? my default is that for $25 how can i go wrong, but i know a lot of people generally disregard audio cards as unnecessary
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  1. Any sound card you get for $25 is going to be worse than your onboard sound, especially on higher end boards the onboard sound is better than low level discrete sound cards, you are going to need to spend a lot more than 25 to get an improvement.
  2. it's a $100 sound card, it's a newegg shell shocker, $45 off + $30 rebate, which is why i figured it would be worth a look. i'm aware that a "$25 sound card" isn't worthwhile, but a "$100 sound card" should be, and for as much of a discount as this is it looked worth getting
  3. bump hoping for more input
  4. still hoping for more input... is anyone out there?
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