I would like to replace my quadro fx 3500/4000

I have a quad xeon 3Ghz with a quadro fx 3500/4000 and am looking to turn the computer into a gameing machine any ideas. The motherboard only has 1 pci/e X16.
Do you know if i could sell the quadro does anyone actually want the things

Thanks in advance

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  1. You'll be hard pressed to sell a quadro surely.. Your best bet might be to try out auctioning them on ebay.. Depending on how you price, you might get a few heads turning that way..
  2. ive had a look on ebay and they seem to go for around £70-80 not much considring the original cost but oh well. Do you know what would be best for around £120 to replace the quadro?
  3. Am I in the same boat with the xeon's, are they any good for gameing? Im running windows 7 ultimate.
  4. quadro fx 3500 and 4000 are totally different cards, do you have both of them? either way, both are technological dinosaurs, you are not going to get much from selling this, the trouble is more than its worth. if i were in your case, id probably bin it. or pass it on a friend who can use it.
  5. I have been looking at cards £100-120 and the area is a comlete mine field. What should I go for with gameing in mind. There are so many different choices!
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