Intel Atom N330 vs Intel Atom N550

Hello, what is the difference between these two processors.
Thank you for your help.
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  1. Hello shugav;
    Even running @ 1.5Ghz it's a nice little bump up in performance over the Atom 330.
  2. Is there any difference in the architecture , FSB , tdp?
  3. N550 has updated memory controller support for DDR3 1066, and integrated video. No FSB since it has DMI.
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    TDP: 330 8 watts / N550 8.5watts
    Nbr of Processing Die Transistors: 330 94 million / N550 176 million
    EIST: 330 no / N550 yes
    Thermal Monitoring Technologies: 330 no / N550 yes
    Socket: 330=447 / N550=559
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