HDD reducing performance

I have recently built a new computer. Its only about 2 months old. Here are the components

Intel I7 3770 LGA 1155 CPU

ASUS P8Z77-V Motherboard

Corsair 120Gb SSD

Western Digital 1TB HDD Black Drive

Seagate 250GB HDD (5 Years old)

Corsair Red Vengeance 2X4Gb Ram

EVGA GTX670 Graphics Card

We are pretty new to this and we have run into a performance issue. Whenever I hook up the Western digital HDD to the motherboard the computers boot time is increased to 10min+. Without it maybe 10-12 seconds. The seagate+ssd works perfectly without the other HDD.

If i need to add any more info please tell me.

Any Ideas?
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  1. did you put the os on the ssd and witch drive comes after the seagate or the wd ,your hdd are both 7200 rpm or one is a 5400 rpm
  2. OK the os is on the ssd and they are both 7200.

    I'm not sure what you mean with your post mind clarifying?
  3. witch hdd conect ot the system after the ssd also did you try only with the ssd and the wd black
  4. Have you tried hooking up the WD on a different SATA port? Take a look at your motherboard SATA port information. And what is on the 1TB hard drive? If it's full, it could be a number of things. How old is the drive? Does it show up on Windows? You could run scandisk to see whether some data could be corrupted on the drive. You could also get HD Tune to see if maybe the drive is not working fast enough.. which might mean you could have corrupted data or the information is badly fragmented or it might be dying.
  5. Ive moved around the WD black's sata cable a few times. Currently its on the dark blue port(sata 3 marvell). The drive is empty currently. File transfers between it and the ssd have been extremely slow at best so its not worth it. The Hard Drive is also only 2 months old. Id like to point out that the seagate is the only old part.

    And to answer scout. I have tried the ssd with the WD black and the results are no different than with all three. And I still don't understand the first part of your sentence. Rephrase a bit please.
  6. I would like to point out that the optical drive is the same age as the seagate. These are both from an old dell.
  7. i was asking if it was the seagate or the western that is connect to the slot after the ssd,also this wd is a sata 6 drive did you try it in the sata 6 port gray one or it is on the sata 3 port the blue one
  8. The western digital is in the sata 3 with the ssd. I've tried every port.
  9. Unless you have a MB sata port problem, The WD drive should work eaually as well in marvel sata III (6), Intel sata III (6), or the Inel Sata II (3) port. The ONLY diff is burst rate would be decreased when in SATA III - No biggy.

    Clarification, the Long Boot time is in loading operating system, Not the Post ?????

    PS I stuck my WD 1 TB black on a marvel sata III port - Would hate to waste a "good" intel Sata III port - LOL.

    Does the WD partiton and format properly.
    Rater than use a third party HDD Utiity, You might want to download the WD Utility from WD to verify the drive.

    Also, You did Disconnect ALL HDDs while installing windows on the SSD??
  10. garyroachfreeman said:
    The western digital is in the sata 3 with the ssd. I've tried every port.

    I'd like to point out for clarification that "sata 3" should be used for 6 gbps and there is no "sata 6" unless you add the "gbps" at the end, just so you don't cause confusion here.

    SATA II = 3 gbps
    SATA III = 6 gbps

    His board has a layout like this:

    He probably didn't install windows with ONLY the SSD connected.
    He's tried switching around all the drives into different ports.
    This WD HDD is brand new, so shouldn't be affecting performance like this.

    I'm assuming he either has bad SATA ports or the HDD is faulty.
  11. RetiredChief

    clarification, the Long Boot time is in loading operating system, Not the Post ?????

    Pretty much from Powerbutton-login screen with the "boot time" But the os is where it likes to freeze up. The post is quick.

    Does the WD partiton and format properly?

    I will use that tool now and im not sure if we set it up correctly. as i previously stated we are noobs :P

    And for the final question yes the ssd was the only "storage device" in at that moment
  12. did you time it so you could tel how long it take
  13. I would try HD Tune with the hard drive that's causing the start up problem. You could probably try a reformat of the drive to see if that helps any.
  14. Scout their isnt a point really. The start up times tend to be erratic sometimes it will boot up within 5 min. others 30 min.

    Reformating the drive is near impossible. When i right click it in computer windows explorer has a fit and crashes
  15. It is looking like a bad HDD.
    Still recommend downloading wb HDD utilities and test the drive.
  16. Alright well we dont need it at the moment so i might send it back.
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