How do i tell my CPU temp with hwmonitor?

I am getting a new rig soon and it is the first time i will be looking into overclocking etc... So i have downloaded some of the programs i have seen people using just to see what theyre like really and get used to them, but with HWMonitor there are 3 different temps... I dont know how to load images into here so i will retype what you need but if anyone could tell me how would be a great help... I get 3 readings... And these are the max after about a minute of furmark

My GPU core went upto 69 if that is of any use, ovbiously i know which one is my GPU temp :)

So i have a few questions...
-Which one is my CPU temp which i need to keep an eye on? And what are the others?
-When i have a quad core will there be another 3 temps shown?
-Out of interest are my temps about normal? I have a Pentium 4 641 @ 3.2Ghz and a NVidia 9600GT Neither are OC'd at all.

Would be really nice if someone could explain the voltages aswell please, CPU VCORE is obviously the CPU voltage but what about the +3.3V +5V and +12V And what sort of reading should i belooking at for them?

Thank you for any answers or help, i just want to get to grips with the software im using before i get my new rig :)
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  1. The lowest is you Chasis temp.
    The second one is the CPU.
    And the highest is hte GPU.
  2. shugav said:
    The lowest is you Chasis temp.
    The second one is the CPU.
    And the highest is hte GPU.

    So it is

    And if so how come there is so much difference from TMPIN02 (which you say is my GPU temp) and my GPU CORE temp reading (Which i presumed was my GPU temp)?

    I know that sounds like i am being funny with you but im not i assure you, im just trying to get my head around it all :) And thanks for the respons btw! :)
  3. Not necessarily.

    Mine shows mobo temp, which is generally close to the average of all 4 core temps. I have an ambient/case temp, that's usually the lowest. I have another one I'm not sure what it is. And then on top of that, there's the 4 core temps. My GPU temps are clearly labelled as GPU temps.

    Which temp readings are what depends on the motherboard.

    Looks to me like the top one is mobo, second might be CPU, and third is ambient/case.

    But you should also have Core temps. Try downloading Real Temp and run it along with HWMonitor to see what it shows.

    Also, FurMark isn't going to heat up your CPU much because it only runs single core. Try Prime95 or LinX or Intel Burn Test.
  4. Ahh right i see... I hope not because one run would have had my CPU at about 70*C! And i didnt see any problems my pc continued to run fine! Okay i will give that ago :) And thats okay since my P4 only has one core :P But i will get pive Prime95 a run too! Thanks!
  5. (1) motherboard temp - This is normally refered to as system temp and is I believe the Northbridge temp For newer systems, with good air flow should be around 30 -> 40 C
    (2) Cpu temp is from a single temp sensor normally close to the Heat sink. This is the Temp you set in BIOS to provide a warning. Will generally run about 5 -> 10 C cooler than core temps (for newer CPUs each core will have a sensor that will reduce the freq and or shut the system down when a predetermined temp is reached generally around 72 ->80 C depending on the CPU)
    (3) The "case/abient temp" is a sensor on the MB (not near a Hotspot) and should be somewhat above amient room temp.

    Running Prime 95 will tell you which one is for CPU - It will shoot up faster and higher than other temp.

    Currently at work (lunch hr). But for your new quad you will see 4 Core temps - These are the temps you want to pay attention to.
    For my I5-750 (@ 3.2) my Idle temps are mid to upper 30's and under load (Prime 95 Blend) the go to the Upper 50's. You will normally see from 2 to 6 C difference in individual core temps.

    You can redefine the name to be meaninfull in HWMonitor, I believe
    For Voltages (3.3, +5, +12, and +5 USB) They should be with in 5 %
    +3.3 3.14 -> 3.46
    +5 4.75 - 5.25 (The 4.5 limit is do to TTL lodgic spec)
    +12 11.4 -> 12.6 (I prefer a Low limit of 11.6, and upper limit I would be OK with 12.8)

    When you run Prime 95 you should see a slight drop in the +5 and +12 V, Just make sure they do not drop below low limit.
    As Wolfram23 indicated, Also run Furmark, in a window, as this may stress the +12 V more than prime 95, depending on which GPU you get.
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