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I am looking to custom build a desktop gaming macchine and I need a few advice on things.

First, if I have a good cpu fan would I still need liquid cpu cooling? if so what kind? I'm getting the i980 extreme.

Second, what is the best case in terms of air flow? becuz I'm also gonna have dual gpu and I need the system to be as cool as possible. I need a case with a lot of fans and places for the dissipated heat to go.

Third, if I have a network card would I still need a modem? I don't want wireless, I think cable has better connection.

annnnnnd. that's it. thank yous in advance.
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  1. 1. liquid cooling is better than air cooling, but air cooling is plenty good.

    2. Look into the HAF X:

    nuff said :lol:

    3. wireless is considered better than wired.
  2. Just a sidenote...the i7-980 offers little improvement over an i7-930 for gaming. For a gaming PC, you want to spend the largest amount of the budget on graphics cards.

    Actually, the i7-930 doesn't offer much improvement over an i5-750, either (for gaming).

    Of course, if you have $4k to spend, go for it.
  3. well, thinking like that, if i were you, and this was for gaming, id get a x4 955, 5970, and an ssd, oc the 955, and wait for bull dozer. but thats just me.
  4. Heh, that's basically what I did. :) (5870 instead of 5970 though, crossfire eventually.)
  5. actually, yeah, thats a better idea, buy a 5870 now, xfire it later, or wait till the 6870.
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