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Have built a window 7 pc with a pci 7.1 soundcard. Installed the drivers and chosen the digital output from the playback options but there is no sound on my amp, there isn't even a light in the spdif cable to indicate a signal is being sent from the soundcard. The sound graphic equaliser jumps up and down when playing audio indicating sound should be going over the cable. I have even tried another pci card but the result is the same.

Before I reinstall windows does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Have you checked in Hardware & Sound to see if spdif is set to default output device?
  2. Make sure that the digital connection is enabled and/or onboard sound is disabled in the BIOS.
  3. I have disabled the onboard soundcard in the BIOS. In the playback properties the default device is set to Digital rather than Speakers and the equalizer moves when sound is played back. As far as I can tell it should work based on the settings. I set up my other media center pc with on-board sound using SPDIF and that works fine so I'm familiar with the settings and that is why this has me stumped. If there aren't any other gotchas I'll try and reinstall windows 7 in case it's a codec issue with the pack I installed.
  4. Default Audio Playback is set on CONTROL PANEL -> SOUND OPTION. Choose which device you prefer to play the audio.
  5. I made a little headway last night. I found Xear 3D control panel installed on the computer and some of the settings there were overriding the Windows playback settings.

    Using Xear I set the output to Spdif but now I only get sound with PCM and the sound stutters badly. I've plugged into a Yamaha YSP800 which should support Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM. There is no sound at all when I play a DVD.

    Can I disable either Xear or Windows CP so I only use one or the other not a bit of both!
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