Moving - Suggestions on how to network/setup multi-room WMC7

I am moving to a new apartment and was interested to hear suggestions on how to setup Windows Media Center 7 so I can watch DVR and live TV in multiple rooms.

The goal is to have live tv and recorded tv watchable in the living room (first floor), in the kitchen (first floor) and the bedroom (second floor). There is a cable tv hook up in the living room and bedroom, and I am not able to run ethernet cable between the rooms or through the walls. I currently have a Dell Zino as my htpc, with a Silicondust Homerun and an Xbox360 acting as an extender in my current place both connected to a wireless G router via wired ethernet (ran the ethernet through a wall). I cant really do that with the bedroom on the second floor.

My initial thought is buy a wireless N router (around $100?) and hook that up to the cable modem in the living room. Connect the Homerun via wired ethernet there and connect the HTPC via wired ethernet there as well so the living room tv is done. Purchase an N network adapter or a wireless N ethernet bridge (both are around $90) for the Xbox and put that in the bedroom and use as an extender. I think for the kitchen I could maybe use an older Pentium 4 1.7ghz, 17 inch laptop and buy a USB N network adapter ($50) and network it to the HTPC, but I would prefer something a little more aesthetically pleasing with a bigger screen and remote. But, can a P4 1.7ghz actually even play HD content?

Does anyone have a better idea? I would like to do it as cost effectively as possible (above seems doable for roughly $250).

Would going the route of a Windows Home Server improve the setup in anyway? Please let me know how it should be done.

Would buying a monitor ($200?) and some other device like the ASUS O!Play ($100?) (only with wireless support work better for the kitchen)?

1. Is an N router fast enough to transmit HD clearly?
2. Any suggestions on which N router to buy? Do I need a 'Dual Band' version?

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  1. Yes n will stream it clearly.Dir 825 dlink.It is dual band and use the 5 ghz to stream on!
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