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Hello all,

I have just finished getting my new computer setup and have been stuck on getting the OS installed. I am installing windows 7 professional and have a gigabyte ga-z77x-ud5h along with a seagate barracuda 1 tb hdd. The mb bios recognizes the drive and i have it setup as an ahci, but windows installation will not recognize a hdd. I searched for my mb on gigabyte's site and downloaded the newest sata driver and loaded it into the windows setup, but the hdd is still was not recognized. I've also slaved the hdd to my laptop to make sure it is working property and i can see it within the windows as an external drive. Any ideas what I can do next? Since i am using just one hdd is there a certain sata port i should have the hdd plugged into? I have tried the raid 1 and 0 ports and still nothing. The computer looks so nice, but this is making me want to bang my head on the desk.

any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Sata ports do not matter, what matters is the format of the drive.

    When you go to the install portion of the Windows 7 installation, try and format the drive. (Even if it does not show up, it may once you select "format.")
  2. Format is grayed out.
  3. Stick it in as a second drive, then, once its in:

    Go to my computer,

    Right click the drive you want windows on,

    Click "format..."

    Select NTFS

    Try it then.
  4. well and.still no dice. Could I be loading the incorrect driver when installing windows?I chose the newest data driver for the mb and it seems to to install it but no HDD on refresh.
  5. It could probably be a motherboard setting, take a close look in you bios at your settings.
  6. any idea what setting could cause this? the sata ports are enabled and the hdd is set to ahci. Not sure what else would cause it other than a bad hdd possibly.
  7. check that you have the hard drive on the intel 6g or 3g sata ports some mb have 3 party chipset. in the bios make sure the sata ports are not set to raid. windows wont install itself unless if can partion the hard drive. it there a partion on the drive or ssd use advance mode in the install and delete all the partion. then reboot and let windows make the two it needs. the small system restore and the data partion.
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    same issue same mobo here for me last week, and here is what i did.

    burn gpart to cd
    boot to gpart cd
    repair uuid and format the HD with gpart

    I tried everything else to gpart was the only thing that worked.
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  10. set it to ide mode in the bios and windows wil install fine. you can change it sata after win7 loads and you install drivers. Changing to ahci mode requires a bit more but MS has a quickfix for that which I'll let you google for.
  11. Thanks guys
  12. Your welcome ty for best answer.
  13. Everyone helped
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