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Hi, I have a 9800GTX+ from BFG and am wondering whether or not a 400W Seasonic power supply would suffice. It has two +12v rails each at 17 amps to combine to a max total of 34 Amps. Also if it is compatible how would I go about installing it. I already have a Molex to 6 Pin power adapter, do I just connect it to any molex connector?

Link to PSU
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    Hello Moe747;

    That PSU actually has 30Amps +12V. Look at the label. The Max Combined 12+ is 360watts (360watts divided by 12volts = 30Amps).
    The 9800GTX+ recommendation is 450Watts and 24Amps +12v. You're in good shape for your system running the 9800GTX+.
    Use the Molex to PCI-e adapter for the 2nd PCI-e power connector.
  2. Thanks for the info also how about over clocking? Would I be able to do that or is it best that I stay at stock.
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  4. Is your BFG 9800GTX+ one of the factory overclocked models?
  5. WR2 said:
    Is your BFG 9800GTX+ one of the factory overclocked models?

    Yeah, It has OC written on the box.
  6. The BFG site recommends a 470w PSU with 26Amps +12.
    What else are you using that PSU to power in your system?
  7. Sorry for the long time. Just a Amd Athlon II, 500GB HDD, 2GB ram, case fan. That's pretty much it.
  8. You have a pretty lightly loaded system all in all.
    No problem with going ahead and trying some overclocking.
  9. Thanks for your assistance, it helped me a lot.
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