My first gentle

I'm trying my hand at this computer building thing. Anyway, impulses got the best of me and I've ordered the following from Newegg and TigerDirect.


BUDGET RANGE: $400 (Before Rebates/Bing Cash Back) w/o monitor, keyboard, mouse.

SYSTEM USAGE: Just general home use, maybe a couple videos, some light gaming for the kids - nothing real graphics hungry though.

Here we go:

Case: Thermaltake v3 black mid-tower $45 (plus $10 rebate) =$35 (Tiger)
PSU: Diablo-Tek PHD350 350W PSU $20 (Tiger)

Mobo/CPU Bundle: MSI 760GM-E51, AMD Athlon II X3 435 Rana 2.9GHz AM3 95W $100 (plus $10 rebate) (Egg)

HD: Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB $50 (Egg)

RAM: Crucial 2GB 2 x 1GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 $58 (Egg)

Lite-On IHAs22406 Internal DVD 24X Lightscribe OEM $25 (Tiger)

Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit OEM $99 (Tiger)

Sata Cable $4

Shipping $6

Total before rebate= 408
rebates $20
Bing cash back = $30

Total = $358

Anyone see any red flags? How about potential video upgrades for the near future?
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  1. No Red flags.
    As for video upgrades I would get 4GB ram before I would buy a Video card
    But that all depends. what do you want to do with this system?
  2. This system is to replace a nearly 10 year old Dell Dimension 2350 desktop ($1000 back in the day - ha!) which may be wiped clean and become a Internet device for the kids.

    The build will be for mainly just a new family PC, with Internet use and watching streaming college football games on ESPN. Might see some VPN remote desktop work for the wife and I.

    I'm a cheapskate at heart and wanted to see how much computer I could build at a reasonable price. Every time I start to price out a new computer with decent stats, the price starts to head north very quickly.
  3. What would be the point in 64 bit if your only going to have 2gbs of ram?
  4. For the uses given you could likely save some money on Windows and use Linux instead.
  5. Jumping off point. Gotta start somewhere.

    Will likely add more in the future.....the mobo/cpu combo I bought seemed like a good deal at $90 after rebate. I'll keep my eye out for RAM deals and pounce on more when the time is right since this mobo has 4 slots.

    As found out with some of my other "store bought" systems, having only 2 RAM slots and other older technology can become real bottlenecks in the future.
  6. well if you ever get 4gb ram and a graphics card you will need to upgrade the power supply.
  7. Comparable build. With an AM3 785G mobo and a AthlonII x3 440. $6 shipping to me $342 total price (check shipping on cases and PSUs, they can be high sometimes.

    Case/ HD $59 - combo seagate 7200.12 500GB

    PSU/mobo combo - $87 Antec Basiq 430w and Biostar 785G

    CPU/RAM combo - $160 x3 440 / OCZ RAM 2x2 GB

    burner - $26 less with promo

    mobo comes with 2 SATA cables
  8. shovenose said:
    well if you ever get 4gb ram and a graphics card you will need to upgrade the power supply.

    Point well taken, thanks.

    Being a novice, I simply looked for a cheap PSU that had good ratings and would power a rather simple machine until I got a bit more experience at fiddling with them.
  9. The absolute cheapest that I would go on a PSU is the Antec 380 Earthwatts or the Corsair 400CX.
  10. jsc said:
    The absolute cheapest that I would go on a PSU is the Antec 380 Earthwatts or the Corsair 400CX.

    i agree...
    i was wondering when somebody was going to say that :)
  11. I see your MOBO has integrated graphics, won't it need another PCI slot for a video card?
  12. Should have a open PCI slot if I want to add one....


    Do any of you see a problem with adding a LITE-On 8x blu-ray reader and dvd burner combo drive (Model iHES208) to my build?

    I already ordered a DVD burner, but found this on clearance at Wal-Mart for $44 so I couldn't just walk away from it. Original price was $120 (it's $100 on Newegg)

  13. How does that PSU not throw a redflag isn't that a no-name brand?
  14. OK,

    After reading various comments and researching a bit around the Internet, I have decided to take the advice of some and I just ordered a Corsair CX 400w PSU.

    At first I thought it was the usual "you should only buy this brand or that" or it's junk Internet forum snobbery (this is not restricted to computers).

    However, I did check some of the seemingly legit review sites that took some of these things apart as well as try to blow them up and was convinced that saving $5 ($29 after rebate, but before Bing cash back - another $6.59) was probably not the best way to go about my first build.

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