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hi anyone out there can help with hd drive computers not showing up the device just over a year old
i am using windows xp operating system home edition the hd drive is a hitachi 250 gb external hd drive
i have gone into my computer right click manage disk management refreshed etc not recognising any ideas
at all would be much appreciated thank you albert :hello:
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  1. If you are using an external i would try to restart the PC to see if it might attempt to check for devices, trying a different USB port works too. There should be an icon like a USB in the taskbar area near the Clock. Does the hard drive spin up? If not try another power outlet and check with disk management again if it will spin up.
  2. ye tried all that hd drive clicking doesnt sound to good
  3. Yeah either your hard drive is dead or dying. Did you drop it, hit it or move it around too much while it was on? Even if it's not on you could still damage if it gets hit or dropped. If your trying to get data off of it i suggest trying recuva. If it's not under warrenty you can try to open the housing case for the drive then install the drive in a computer. See if BIOS can detect it or disk management. USB sometimes won't function right and it's possible the casing board could be bad.. but clicking noises usually means imminent death.
  4. thanks still under warrenty have now sent it back to hitatchi today as i have tried every thing they have suggested without any luck looks like it is goosed thanks for your response albert
  5. Hope you backed up any important data! If not i suggest you do so in the future :).
  6. ye all backed up on another external drive thanks
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