5770 and 5770 Crossfire different

Hello guy, yesterday i buy hd 5770 Vapor-x.

I want to ask want i can get if i make a Crossfire, assume my LCD Monitor are 20' Inch...?

Is there a lot different in Gaming Appearance when i play game such like BBC2 or CRYSIS if i make crossfire...?

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  1. Yes, you'll be able to turn up the settings quite a bit. Though one HD5770 would be able to max everything on 1280x1024/1440x900.
  2. Ok.. Your comment just make me a bit interest to make Crossfire. :-)

    But shadow 187 resolution 1440x900 how large that LCD 20 or 24.? cause i plan to buy new LCD.

    If one hd 5770 are enough to max everything why some gamer want to make Crossfire.?
  3. For the same reason they want to run AID0, they think its cool. If your resolution is low enough a single card is all you need. If you are running 1440x900, a single 5770 should be enough.
  4. What monitor do you want to buy? How large?
    Decide it first, cause for 1440x900, a single HD5770 should be enough.
  5. Ok in this case i only know the size of that monitor...

    what a resolution are suitable for my hd 5770 Vapor-x... Which mean i can push all game to the max resolution and max AA...?

    Are 20' Inch monitor enough.????
  6. The bigger the monitor, the better card you will need. The HD5770 will max everything on 1280x1024 (19/20'' square monitor), or 1440x900 (19-20'' widescreen monitor''). You won't be able to max everything on a 1680x1050 (22-23''), and definitely not 1920x1080 (23-25'').
  7. I agree with shadow, only get a second 5770 if you plan to game on larger resolutions. Are you sure that your PSU and motherboard will work with crossfire? Post the rest of your system specs up.
  8. I need to change my PSU to 750 watt.

    But if i buy 19Inchi LCD what benefit did i get when play extreme game like Crysis 1...?
  9. dinkle85 said:
    I need to change my PSU to 750 watt.

    But if i buy 19Inchi LCD what benefit did i get when play extreme game like Crysis 1...?

    While I don't want to stifle your enthusiasm, it's probably not a good idea to upgrade your card just for one demanding game. You should still see performance gains from running a second 5770. It most certainly won't be a doubling of power though and at lower resolutions the benefit of crossfire (or 2GPUs in general) is typically much less.
  10. Ok from slayer 697 comment... are gonna say that one graphic card is enough to max all game in 19 Inch LCD right....
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