Erased Partition on external hard drive by mistake! Help!

while formating my computer window7.i suddenly delet the hd how can i get it back.plz help me
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  1. well if you planed to format the drive then erasing the partition is no big deal just make a new one. If you had Data that you still want then try someting like gparted
  2. Relax, u don't need to be worry. Download a freeware and let it handle it if u need to recover data. This a the link:
    It is a freeware and it is professional at data recovery. ur question is quite simple and it will resolve it without any difficult.
    After installation link, launch it and select partition recovery then wait for the scanning to finish. this may need a couple of time then preview the files you want to recover. Isn't it simple?
    Just in case it dosn't work, visit this data recovery website: and let them help u.
    By the way, do be careful next time during formatting.
  3. Why r u asking him to download a shareware will with 2 mb recovery limit . And why r mentioning it as freeware when the download page clearly states it as shareware. There r many great tools available like testdisk from above mentioned sourceforge site. In this forum also there r many similar threads with problems solved.
  4. Well my above post was @ vadotg a.
  5. Professional helps r necessary if there is critical damage to the concerned hard disk which makes data recovery very tough and it a costly process. Above problem is simple. As, i said earlier there r many similar solved threads here.
  6. Its not a big issue you can create a new partition in your HDD and then you can use your drive very well
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