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My computer has been randomly freezing since I got it around April. It used to freeze about one every other week, and it would be fine when I restarted it. This summer it started freezing constantly. I would be lucky to go five minutes without it freezing. I would switch over to safe mode and it would work fine. I thought it might be an over-heating problem so I downloaded some software to check the temps. My GPU was at about 90C. I bought a new one and put it in. I also have the side of the case off. Now it freezes about once a day. I think it's still a heating problem, but I'm not sure.

Here's a screen shot. It looks like TMPIN0 is high, but I don't even know what that is. It usually freezes when TMPIN0 gets above 60C, but that could be coincidence.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what my problem is? Let me know if you guys need for info on my specs

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  1. (1) Remove the Graphic adapter (GE force) card and stick an ordinary one instead. Let it run for 1-2 days and see if you system freeze.
    (2) Look into the events log after freezing has occur and once you've restarted the machine. See if windows reported any crash instances in the event log. You'll be surprise it could be an application or an unneeded service.
    (3) Isolate your RAM module.
  2. I did this. There were no significant events in the crash log. I ran a Windows Memory Diagnostic on the RAM, and there were no errors after one pass.

    Any other ideas?
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