Gma 4500m

i have under gone in to same mistake i cant play any good games ... i questions is can i upgrade my Lenovo G550 GMA4500 M to NVDIA geforce ... can u suggest ??
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  1. no u cant upgrade the onboard chip of a laptop. sorry. u are stuck with the intel gma 4500. i know it sucks. i have the same graphics chip!
    in fact its so terrible i contemplated eating it. intel makes good cpus (tasty) but their gfx chips taste bad and dont work well! (IM KIDDING I DONT EAT COMPUTER PARTS)

    lol anyway!
  2. If you saying about laptop then you can't do anything about that, you can't upgrade it's chip...
  3. yes hes talkign about a lapotp.
    i binged (not googled) lenove g550
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