BF2 Resolution Issue Dell U2410/ Windows7 64bit /

Specs Radeon 5770
windows 7 64 bit
gmae: Battlefield 2

I just switched monitors to a U2410 from a Samsung 24". When I switched something went wrong, Every time I pull up BF2 it plays in a huge resolution that where I can only see the top left corner of the game. I -uninstalled game then re-installed it to see if that helped but no luck. The game always starts in a crazy resolution. The worst part is that I cant even get out of the game since the menus are not accessible. Then to make things even WORSE it makes the Desktop resolution to the same crazy resolution of the game where I can't restart or reach any of the menus like desktop manager. So im forced to restart my PC by force.

Any ideas?

Anyway to reset the games resolution?
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  2. Go to your Documents folder. In the folder BFBC2 look for a file named settings.ini

    Edit it with a text editor like notepad and manually type in the resolution you want.

    This is strictly a software problem with BFBC2 not hardware.
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