Dual monitors over both DVI and VGA on 9800GTX+?

Hey, I have a 22" Asus monitor that I've been loving for about 2 years now, and recently figured out I could get a 15" add on screen on the cheap on craigslist and think the investment in worth it. However, most of the screens I find there have VGA connection only, while their still LCDs. My question is, can I have both a digital a 1920x1080 connection to my 22" screen via DVI and an analog 1280x1024 signal via DVI-VGA adapter that came with my graphics card. As put in the title, I have an XFX 9800GTX+, if that makes any difference. I know (digital only) it can handle two 2560x1600 screens at once.
Thanks for any help.
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    Yes you can. That DVI-VGA adapter will work fine for you.
  2. Thanks a lot!
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  4. Did the DVI to VGA adapter work for you? I have the same card and i cant get it to display anything on my VGA monitor? is there a specific adapter that is needed? The one i got said DVI-D to VGA. like i said, it doesnt work. any ideas?
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