Crucial M4 512GB speeds!?

I own a Crucial M4 512GB and I am using it with SATA 2 on an MSI P55 CD 53 motherboard. I read in several reviews that on SATA 2, the SSD should be just as fast as SATA 3. So I ran the AS SSD benchmark (picture in link below) but it seemed so much slower...
Is something wrong? Or is it supposed to be these speeds with SATA 3GBps?
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  1. That is not true for the SSD on SATA2 should be AS fast as on SATA3.

    In benchmark, it will be slower than SATA3, but not at half of SATA 3. And how slow it is, it will be varies.

    In real usage (don't transfer large data), you will not feel that slower too.
  2. Your speeds should be similar to a faster SATAII SSD like OCZ's Vertex 2 series (which is about where you are)

    Sorry buddy but that's as good as you're going to get out of that drive until you upgrade to SATAIII ports
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