Will this power supply be compatible with my computer?

Currently I have a m2n-e mobo and this power supply:

I was wondering if this power supply will fit in my rig:

Also how can you tell if a power supply will be compatible?
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  1. The width and height are standard among PSUs of that form factor, it might be a tiny bit longer but it should still fit fine.
  2. what about pins? My friend told me I have to look at the pins?
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    The 650TX uses a 20+4 pin main so it works with 20 or 24 pin boards, a 4+4 cpu power so it works with 4 pin ATX systems or 8 pin EPS systems, and uses 6+2 PCI-E power connectors so it will work with 6 or 8 pin setups, it has more connectors than a reasonable system needs so you dont need to worry about the pins.
  4. if ur case is atx and ur psu is atx then it fit.
    there is a standard for psu's
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