WD Caviar Blue no recognized by bios?


I'm trying to install a drive on my old desktop PC. The old drive failed in October and I'm finally getting around to replacing it. I purchased a "new" drive off ebay, although it looks used, and for what ever reason the drive isn't getting detected by the BIOS. I changed the data cable and it seems like when I boot the pc it tries to communicate with the drive how-ever it always fails.

I tried a bunch of different settings in BIOS to try and get the drive recognized but it didn't work.

My computer is a crappy Acer that has a ASRock G31M-S R2.0 Motherboard and the hard drive is Western Digital Model Number: WDBAX5000ENC-NRSN

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would check it with another computer to confirm that the hard drive is not defective or dead.

    Have you tried updating the BIOS on your Acer computer?
  2. Unfortunately I do not have another desktop PC to test the hard-drive in. I could go to my brother in laws to test the drive.

    When I get home I will look into updating the Bios. Thank you for the suggestion.
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