PC freezes in dual-channel mode

Okay so I built me a PC back in December and I had problems with random hard freezes, which I first suspected the CPU, so I called up AMD to request an RMA but they said check the GPU, and other components before requesting an RMA. So I updated the GPU drivers and set my CPU to stock, and then I went on browsing, yet it still locked up on me.

So to cut to the chase, I decided to check out the memory, so I took out one of the two (Kingston Hyper-X 2GB DDR3-1333) sticks and well I had no problems. I went several weeks with no lock ups with only 2GB installed in a single slot, but I decided I wanted to go back to 4GB for gaming. To test the sticks I decided to switch out the two sticks and still I had no problems. Its only when there is both 2gig sticks installed when I have issues.

System if it helps:

MS Win 7 64-bit

Athlon II x3, unlocked to an Quad

MSI 740GM-P25 Mobo

2GB DDR3-1333

HD 5770

WD Caviar Blue

600W OCz Stealthstream PSU.

Thank you!
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    Maybe low voltage on the ram or timings and/or command rate to tight! I would start out checking the voltage. This I got from Kingston Site;
    "1.7v - 1.95v voltage range for dual-channel applications for AMD based systems and Intel chipsets older than X58
    1.65v voltage for triple-channel Intel Core i7 9xx series applications
    1.65v voltage for dual-channel Intel Core i5 7xx series and Core i7 8xx series applications"
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  3. Bumped it up to 1.7 V and so far no issues, thanks a lot!
  4. I have the same problem, I did lower the dram voltage to 1.46v and the it never crashed again for about 1 week and I thought i solved my problem and now it started again...I have this probem 3 months now. Interesting note: every time it happends i hard reset my pc and then it shows installed memory 8 gb with 4 gb usable as long as I dont restart it stays the same with no freezes IF i restart it goes back to 8 gb and after some time it freezes. If anyone could help, please.
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