AM3+ Motherboard Spotted on Newegg

No image yet, but looks like AM3+ motherboards are coming soon, and may in fact be available now. May not be much of a surprise, seeing as Bulldozer ought to be coming out late spring/early summer. Just thought it was interesting that a midrange board was one of the first available.
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  1. Cool. Too bad it's an 870 board with 16x/4x PCI-E lanes rather than 8x/8x. I'd probably update my case, motherboard, RAM, and cooling first (5870s going to get hot in the summer), and then drop in a Bulldozer in the Fall or early next year.
  2. Personally I plan to get either Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge in the summer, depending on what ends up being the best performance/$. To me this seems like a pretty nice mobo for under $100, as long as you aren't doing xfire or sli, especially for technology that hasn't even released yet :P
  3. GO WITH THE ASUS listed boards 890gx and 890fx pro
    chipsets that will work with AM3+ CHIPS. I'm sure the asus boards with a simple bios update will put perform this Gigabyte board. OR WAIT A COUPLE MONTTHS FOR THE 990 BOARDS OR WAIT A YEAR FOR QUAD CHANNEL.
  4. But I don't see any AM3+ boards from Asus yet. And really none of that even matters until we see how Bulldozer performs; I was just commenting that the release is more or less imminent, and that the particular board I was, for me, a good balance of price and features. Ideally they would release the 9 series chipsets around the time they release Bulldozer, but I'm upgrading this summer either way, so worst case I'll settle for an 8 series. And quad channel memory really isn't worth waiting a year for me - the performance increase from two the three channels didn't really astound me, especially considering the significant price increase for the X58 platform. Long story short, I'm still buying the best deal that I see around July or so :)
  5. No onboard USB3 means I won't be getting this board. Hopefully some with onboard USB3 and SATA III will be available soon.
  6. Looks like none of that matters, seeing as it was apparently a mistake that is now corrected. The board seems to be just a normal AM3 board. Oh well haha
  7. Updating this thread as to not confuse people.

    Currently board manufactures are claiming there are several current boards that will be able to support Bulldozer, they are AM3 boards that supposedly support it but they are not AM3+ sockets.

    How this works is they have modified their current boards or found one that meet the specification demands of Bulldozer, so in theory they should work.

    The issue here is AMD official statement is that Bulldozer will only work with AM3+ so anyone looking at getting Bulldozer it will be better to wait, because AMD has not backed any of these statements of the board makers.

    Just so everyone knows you are still running a gamble here by buying these boards if you can wait just pay for the AM3+ motherboard as there will probably be processors they will release on the architecture later thus providing more future proofing.
  8. Well, actually to me it seems that it was just a mistake in the listing, due to the fact that they changed all mentions of AM3+ to AM3. However your explanation may also be valid, however I did not find anything in the listing to support this. In my opinion, one should view this board to be no different than any other AM3 board.
  9. Asus and MSI 890FX boards will just be releasing a BIOS update for Bulldozer support but im pretty sure that when looking at gigabytes 890FX boards you have to get your hands on later revisions.. they will have a black socket that marks them officially as AM3+ compatible..

    But i think these boards wont be fully utilizing all the features of the Bulldozer and wont in any way be optimized for it.
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