SimpleTech External Harddrive uncasing?

I have a SimpleTech External Hard drive which i dont use any more. Could i uncase it and use it in a tower? if not its goin in the garbage.
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  1. Yes.

    And the USB adapter will work on another hard drive. this is a valuable repair tool that is worth saving.
  2. i was just curious. because i don't use it as an external anymore. i would like to use it as a secondary hard drive in a custom build. so hopefully it will work out in that idea.

    thank you for the input.
  3. I hated that simple drive.

    Mine contained:

    Hitachi 1 TB HDT721010SLA360 7200rpm 3.5"
  4. Tonight I will copy everything on to another pocket drive. Then I will open the SIMPLETECH external case. Just trying to get rid of old bulky junk from my PC area. The hard drive still works but I its just an odd shape that takes up too much space. If I can get the hard drive out and mount it in a tower, it will be a major asset to the tower build.
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