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I have Phoenix - Award BIOS v6.00PG, Copyright 1984-2002.
Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

My Main Processor is : Intel Pentium(R) 4 with 1.80 GHz.

Can anyone tell what type of hard drive is compatible with my above given Desktop PC model. I mean can i use SATA, SCSI or any other hard drive, and what could be it's maximum capacity that can be attached to my PC.

I have ATA hard drive and it's completely down. I need to purchase a new one.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. The type of drive is determined by the kind of ports available on your motherboard. Assuming your drive is and (P)ATA drive, then you will need to stick with a ATA (IDE) drive. As for size, if you want to play it safe, stick with 2TB drives and under.
  2. Safe bet your board doesn't have SCSI. Does it have a SATA port? If not IDE is your only option unless you add an expansion card for one of those two. The OS is generally the limiting factor in capacity.
  3. What kind of hard drive you currently have now(the failed one)? Is it IDE? Sata didn't come out until after 2002. Also be careful about size because you may be limited by the bios and motherboard. Your drive is probably a 40Gb Drive?
  4. @price_th, @Hawkeye22, @ss202sl:
    Thanks a lot for the reply guys,

    @price_th: yes you r right! No SCSI, But actually i don't know the SATA pin configuration either.

    @Hawkeye22: The port on the motherboard that i see, i.e. the one connecting the Hard drive has a 39 pin jumper.

    @ss202sl: Yes, my pc has a failed one right now!! And it's a IDE. I'm using my friends pc to post in here, since i can't work on mine(coz it's failed!).
  5. You mean a 40 pin header, that's plain ole IDE or PATA (Parallel ATA) vs SATA (serial ATA). If your motherboard and OS support LBA48 you should be able to get drives larger than 2TB. This is why I said, to play it safe get a 2TB drive or smaller.
  6. give the name and model of your motherboard
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