Tyan thunder S2915 battery type?

what battery is on the Tyan Thunder n6650W S2915 Dual Socket F 1207???? I need one and I'm trying to save a long trip to see and pull the battery when the store to get it is right here near work!!!

when I pull power from psu, mobo resets, so I think mobo battery is dead. I have to reconfigure the entire Bios everytime I want to pull a drive or put another in or any sort of internal work.

Any input appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Most boards use CR2032 3 volt (lithium coin cell) cant imagine that Tyan is different.
  2. thank you. I'm surprised to actually have a response.!. I was hoping to save some time.

    I will post which battery to confirm once I've completed that since I started a thread, maybe somebody else can benefit from this answer.

    appreciate you rolli59
  3. Ends up that rolli59, you are correct on the battery.
    takes a CR2032 3 volt lithium ion. cost me $5.49 before tax at RadioShack.

    Thanks again
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