Is old computer worth updating the video card

This is a computer mainly used to watch netflix and dvd's. The cpu is an intel pent. 4 2.8ghz. The motherboard is a foxconn 661mx plus, which supports ddr266/333/400x2. It has 1 agp 8x slot and 3 pci slots. fsb is 533/400mhz. It has 2gb of unbuffered ram installed. The old video card is a GEforce fx 5200. The Monitor is a 19" Viewsonic LCD. Is there a better card I can get and would it be worth it? Thanks alot, Mark
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    the HDMI port may be worth it for you if you want to watch netflix movies on a TV

    but if the FX5200 is doing the job, why make a switch?
  2. Yeah, if your current card is doing the job then there is no need for an upgrade.
    AGP cards are outdated and overpriced. There are better ones but they will cost you a lot and the advantages if you aren't a gamer will be negligible.
  3. Thanks for your help
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