PSU Replacement for the Dell Optiplex 980 MT?


I am currently living in Cambodia and bought a Dell Optiplex 980 MT and didn't research my video opinions enough. I want the replace the lame ATI 4550 and there are no PCIe connectors or any Molex connectors, all SATA. When I bought a CoolMaster supply I found out that the Dell PSU has a different, smaller power connector.

Any idea's as to what PSU can fit in the 980 MT and replace the gimped 305 with all SATA connectors?
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  1. No need for replacing the whole PSU. You'll need to get the adapter for the SATA power cables.

    I got a case with a PSU bundled for my built & it had just one SATA power connector.

    I Went to a local shop and they sold me one of those MOLEX-to-SATA power

    Perhaps they have some of them over there :)
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