Insufficient PSU power for HD4670


Previously I was using Gigabyte Nvidia 8600GT and somehow it got burnt off, smoke come out from a capacitor. After that I replace the graphic card with XFX HD4670 1GB, but when the window is loaded, before i start installing the driver, the power got tripped. I exchange the card with the shop, manage to get Sapphire HD4670 1GB graphic card. When I plug in the card, turn on the power, it gives me the same behavior. Power trip happens when I see the desktop, before I install the driver.

Is anyone know why this happen? Is it my motherboard problem? According to the shopkeeper, he told me that my power supply has not enough power for this graphic card.

I'm currently using this system

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz
Samsung DVD-RW drive
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4670 1GB
Samsung SATA 250GB HDD
Seagate IDE 7200rpm 80GB HDD
2X DDR2 800Mhz
Window XP 32-bit Professional

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  1. if you can run a 8600GT, you can run a 4670

    you may have a bad PSU though since 450w is more then enough for the cards. I'm not familiar with icute as a brand name but I would get it checked out.
  2. Yeah, the HD4670 uses slightly less power than 8600GT and even a crappy 450w PSU should be able to handle either. So the PSU likely isn't the issue unless it is in the process of dying on you(a possibility.)
    Have you uninstalled the Nvidia drivers? That is a necessary step before installing your new card. Use the uninstaller in add/remove programs and then run this in safe mode just to be safe;
  3. Swap your PSU immediately. I used to own an iCUTE and it actually exploded (it was a minor one but still, it did, leaving burnt marks). If you want cheap power supplies, grab a CoolerMaster instead. iCUTE 450W in reality is only approximately 350W. They market the peak power, not continuous. Never ever trust iCUTE.

    On top of that, incompatible drivers, bad motherboard and other problems related to your hardware components will not cause your mains to trip because all faults are usually handled by the PSU itself. It will automatically cut off incoming power and output, forcing an immediate reboot.

    It is only the PSU that will cause that to happen.
  4. But the name is so adorable :p
  5. jyjjy, even I enter the safe mode, sometimes it trips too, i didn't even have a chance to uninstall the driver and the power already die off.

    alikum, I will try to replace a new PSU then, planning to buy a new Coolermaster Extreme 500W PSU, i think this should be sufficient.

    Thanks everyone!
  6. That PSU is crappy and is probably what killed your 8600GT in the first place. If it's tripping without the GPU under load chances are something in the PSU failed. If you keep using it, you could very well damage the rest of your computer.
  7. Found the problem, it is due to the thermal trip from CPU. By monitoring the temperature through BIOS->PC health.
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