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Hi there. Trying to figure out a new motherboard ASUS M4A78LT-M with a 3-core Athlon CPU. I had never had this problem before. When I press the power off button on the front, it automatically restarts the PC after a few seconds. The only way to keep it 'off' is to turn off the powersupply switch in the back. I have tried every setting in Windows, in BIOS. Nothing helps. What I am left with is the connector on the board itself. There is a 2 pin connector called 'PWRSW' described as ATX power button/soft-off button in the manual. Should it be connected at all? If not, how will the front switch act when I press it?
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    If you have connected the power switch to the reset switch connection this would be normal. The pwr switch connectors are pins 4 and 5 in from the right at the bottom. and it should be connected to the power button!
  2. Thank you, rolli59, for your reply. Yes, you were right. I opened the box and saw that I had switched two plugs. (They are so tiny...) Now it's working fine.
  3. Great enjoy!
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