How to change system time?

I am looking for a way to change the system clock in my laptop (HP nx6125), but can't find any such option in the POST screens. It doesn't say what brand the bios is, but I hit F10 to get into it.

Isn't there another way to change my system clock before it gets into windows? The only way I know is to use windows to change it...the problem is that although the time displays correctly in the system, I fear it may be a DST offset issue in the computer, because my time is wrong in my gmail and I've tried EVERYTHING to fix it (problem started with the recent DST switchover)
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  1. The system time is set in the OS that is Windows! You have to configure it correct for DST when selecting timezone.
  2. Microsoft issued a patch when DST was moved to three weeks earlier that it used to be. You can wait for the old DST date to come around or you can run the patch.
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