Multiple Raid Arrays on onboard mobo

Hi everyone, i am planning a new setup and i wish that someone who was great knowledge of RAID controllers would help me.

I was planning on doing 2 raid setups on the GIGABYTE Sniper 3.

The first one is a RAID-0 (2x250GB) VelociRaptor Setup
The Second one is a RAID-1 (2x4TB) 4TB Setup for Storage.

I want to Use both arrays for non boot purposes so no problems there.

The controller i will be using is the Marvell 88SE9172.

Please validate that i would be able to build those using that controller.

Thanks people :hello:
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  1. yes but you' would be better off using the z77's intel controller. the marvels are a bit... weak.
  2. Really? I was thinking that a foregin controller would be picked with better perofmrance.
    Thats very interesting.
    Can you explain how come that the intel solution is beter at raid than marvel?
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