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is there anyway i can manipulate my cable quality if i process my cable threw my xfx 5870 gpu
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  1. manipulate cable quality??
  2. I'm not sure what you are trying to do...

    Are you trying to run cable in through a tuner, then process it and send it out the 5870? If so, I don't think it will improve your quality...are you looking for upscaling?

    Also, that 5870 is overkill for for a HTPC...my guess is that you are using for gaming and HTPC...
  3. yeah upscaling
    and yes i game aswell
  4. I'm going to have to say no, you can't improve the video quality of your cable tv by running it through the computer, if that's what your asking. Not to mention you would also need a tv tuner card, as the 5870 cannot do input.
  5. yeah i have a tv tuner
  6. A video card will not improve video quality from a TV tuner. You need to buy a higher quality TV tuner or switch to a provider that has better signal quality. Of course if the source or master video quality is poor then there's not much you can do there.
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