Sabertooth P67 Boot light Error

This is my first new build and I have a boot led error. I was able to load Windows but then afterward it gives the same error before loading the OS. Onscreen before the OS it says no hard drives detected but it shows the drives afterward in BIOS and Windows.

i7 2600k
8g RAM g skill
120G SSD HD for OS
Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB storage drive
Windows 7 64 bit
GTX 460 x2
Noctua NH D14 cooler
blu ray drive

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Try loading Defaults in the BIOS.

    Q - What SSD?
    Q - In the BIOS is either the HDD or SSD listed e.g. Boot Priority?
    Q - What SATA Ports?
    Q - After installing Windows did you install all of the Drivers?

    BTW - Make certain that the SATA Ports are NOT Disabled in the BIOS...happens.
  2. Crucial C300.
    The LG Blu ray Drive, then SSD. The HDD is not listed in the priority but is listed as a drive in SATA config.
    SSD - SATA6G_1
    BD - SATA3G_5
    HDD - SATA3G_6

    I am currently installing the drivers now. Video drivers are done and windows update. My wireless adapter works as well as all peripherals. The red LED boot light on the MoBo goes out when in windows, which seems normal.
  3. Assuming again, that ALL of the SATA Ports are enabled, move the HDD to SATA3G_1 and the ODD/BD is in SATA3G_5 or higher; it's better for the ODD not to be in SATA1~4 i.e. AHCI.

    SSD - SATA_6G_1 {use closets to MOBO}
    HDD - SATA1
    ODD - SATA5
  4. None of the SATA ports are enabled in the BIOS SATA config. I was thinking they were not enabled due to the boot error?
  5. I've seen this before. Use the Port order as below** and re-enable. Often a BIOS flash helps. You 'can' Disable the Marvell SATA Ports.

    Use ASUS EZ Flash 2 and flash to version 1305.

    **BTW - Ignore the SATA Ports above -- oddly I was answering a Sabertooth X58 post and your Sabertooth P67 post.

    SSD -> SATA6G_1
    HDD -> SATA3G_3
    ODD -> SATA3G_5 ; I prefer the HDD to be first, and leave port '4' {next} in case you add a RAID 1 HDD.

    You're stuck with the ODD/BR on the AHCI; it's okay.
  6. Flashed BIOS and set SATA ports. Still have boot error LED. The PC runs pretty well, though.

    I did not disable Marvell though. Wasn't sure as it was in a different menu.
    I will check ASUS forums about possible causes.

    Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!
  7. If the HDD occurs with BIOS set to Defaults and is prior to OS then: HDD/SSD problem or older Firmware, PSU power issue, or MOBO issues including {BIOS error/corruption, BIOS setting, standoff or I/O shorting...or bad MOBO}. If when you formatted there was an error then it might require a reformat.

    I assume that the HDD/SSD are being properly recognized now..?
  8. The HDD is not being recognmized in Windows.

    As this was my first time and the instructions and guides I used did not mention to tighten the standoffs, I just hand tightened them. Mt MoBo came with a tool to do that but did not explain. It just has pictures. I am going to take it apart and tighten the standoffs verifying all connections.

    I should not need to take the heat sink and CPU apart?

    Also, should I not use this until I get a clean POST?

    Thanks for the help!
  9. I can assume you did everything right or wrong building. The standoffs being loose won't be the issue nor the CPU Fan in most cases. Standoffs - 'short' unscrew all of the MOBO & PCIe screws and dangle the MOBO supported by a towel; rule-out shorting. Next, if the CPU Fan mounting is metal to MOBO than that's a really bad thing; the mounting shouldn't be with a plastic mount and/or with plastic washers.

    Next, play musical SATA ports -- often this can correct a problem with both Windows and the BIOS; re-INIT.

    BTW - you can have a SATA3 HDD/SSD on a SATA2 Port and visa versa....
  10. Hey, I have the P67Sabertooth Board as well. The "No Hard Drives Detected" message you're refering to is not an error message. It is simply informing you that there are no drives connected to the Marvell SATA3 controller. Unless you in fact have one connected to the white SATA3 connection, in which case there is an issue with the drive, power to the drive, SATA3 cable, or possibly the board.

    As for the latest issue you're currently having with a drive not being recognized. Make sure that you have all the drivers installed that came with your board, specifically the one for the Marvell SATA3 controller. If you have a drive connected to this controller and no drivers installed for it, windows will most likely fail to recognize it.

    Hope this helps!
  11. Hey, I figured out that first message and I had to initialize the drive in windows to see it. So those are ok.

    I need to update or reinstall my Marvell controller now though. I am getting a BSOD with a BV91xx.sys error, which i read has to do with Marvell. I am doing that when I get home. Thanks for the help!
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