Recommend me a wireless network adapter

Just bought a LINKSYS WRT54GL. Will need a need a network adapter for my Win 7 desktop. Should I be going for a USB or PCI? I"m pretty clueless about this stuff honestly.

Also, if I were to use an XBOX 360 over wireless would I need to purchase a special microsoft adapter for that as well?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. I'd just head to the local store and probably pick one out. Maybe stick with the Linksys brand, make sure it supports Windows 7 and uses an interface that your PC has, either PCI or USB. USB will be easier but probably not as quick. Regarding the Xbox... yes you'll need one for it too unless MS just started including them. PS3 and Wii have them built in, but I think 360 comes with wired only by default.
  2. Brian_tii said:
    I'd just head to the local store and probably pick one out.

    I'd prefer to order over Newegg or Amazon as I'm still recovering from surgery.

    But whenever I just 'pick one out' I regret my purchase 95% of the time. Which is kinda why I'm looking for an informed recommendation. Especially on the USB vs PCI front.
  3. I generally say to stick with the same manufacturer, although you don't have to. Since your using a G speed router the USB will work just as fine as a pci one for normal web browsing. If you will be gaming then I would look at a PCI version.
    Here's what newegg has:

    One has speedboost the other doesn't, upto you if it's worth it or not.

    Cards from other manufacturers should work just fine, although maybe not extras like speed boosting. Not sure on this though.
  4. I recommend neither PCI nor USB. Get a wireless Ethernet bridge instead, less headaches. Same thing for the XBOX. In fact, you may be able to SHARE it w/ the XBOX if both are located in the same general vicinity (yet another reason among many I love using a bridge).
  5. Yeah I have an Xbox right next to the desktop. What kind of bridge would you recommend? I've never attempted to bridge before so this is new territory for me.
  6. I prefer dd-wrt compatible routers (dd-wrt is third party firmware). By coincidence, your WRT54GL already supports it, so you *could* convert it into a wireless Ethernet bridge and maybe buy another router. Not saying that’s the best decision, but just putting that out there for consideration.

    DD-WRT Solutions:

    The least expensive deal I'm seeing at the moment is for the Linksys WRT54GS-RM @ Mwave ($25 shipped, although recertified):

    My personal preference is the ASUS WL-520GU @ Newegg ($35 shipped, after rebate):

    Again, the above require dd-wrt (or you could use tomato too) to gain bridging capabilities.

    OEM Solutions:

    If you don’t want to deal w/ third party firmware (many ppl don’t), the best deal I know of at the moment is the ZyXEL WAP3205 @ Newegg ($43 shipped, after rebate):

    Has been as low as $31 shipped/after rebate in the past, so a bit high priced at the moment. But compared to most other bridges, still a lot cheaper, and you get a lot of features. Wireless N, WDS bridging, wireless client bridging, wireless repeater bridging, two LAN ports (presumable extendable w/ a switch), even multiple SSIDs for private and public access. Not that all those features would be applicable for your needs, but should you decide to use it in some other capacity later, you have a lot of options.

    Anyway, as I said, I use dd-wrt compatible routers and wait for the best deals. Sometimes I’m able to get them for $15-20, but that takes some patience. Personally I believe the best value is the WL-520GU. Brand new, terrific w/ dd-wrt (or tomato) installed, exceptionally strong signal for its class, USB port, will accept all but the largest dd-wrt firmware (larger == more features), etc.

    Or I suppose you could grab another WRT54GL if you found a good deal on that unit and install dd-wrt or tomato.
  7. Stick with Linksys since you already have one for maximum compatibility.
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