Need your help guys for my coolmaster casing choice...

hi guys,
i'm here again to ask your help and advice regarding on what to choose from my two cooler master casing options...
-----HAF 922 midtower
-----STORM SNIPER midtower
i need your enthusiasts' experties on this matter so i wouldn't be having problem on fitting my PC components inside the casing while maximizing the number of fans available in the are some of my specs...
*mobo--------ASUS RAMPAGE III X
*videocard---EVGA GTX 480
*psu----------CORSAIR HX1000
*cpu cooler--CORSAIR H50
i'll be waiting for your help guys... :bounce:
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  1. HAF922 for me.

    Have you considered a full tower? Budget?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Between those 2,i would go for HAF 922 too, because its bigger and has better cooling system,however if you can,go with HAF 932
  3. nope...i think it will be too big for my desktop..just didn't check the price yet..but i know the price here is twice or even more than twice the original price in if i can deal with the midtowers then i'll stick with it as my priority..
  4. @maziar: a u have the same advice with hell_storm... :)
  5. Where are you from?
  6. @hell_storm
    i'm from doha,qatar..actually just working here..hehe..regarding computer stuffs, new items are from very rare to non here..thats y i bought some of the items in seems that they're behind here..
  7. Ok. Just check for the prices locally.

    Ask for HAF922 prices there. I think it costs $100 or something in the US. It cant be a $200 case in Qatar! That's way toooo much! :(
  8. yah, ur possibly ryt....but what to i think i'll have to pick the HAF922 as u & sir maziar is advising me to go for...these are the only 2 choices that i have here including the full towers...hehe...
  9. HAF 922 For sure, Although I'd say you should just for out for the HAF 932 X now, its better :)
  10. The OP said that he doesn't need a full tower case,also we don't have anything called HAF 932 X,we have HAF 932 and HAF X
  11. Well,in the last 2 years I have built about 12-13 rigs for various friends and work associates.One of the best cases I have worked on was an For a mid tower that is on sale for 69.99,it is a nice case.I got it for about $100.I know you said on your desktop you dont have room but a nice case just came out recently.If you want,take a look--- is a very nice case with room for upgrades.For mid tower though,the Hades is awesome,especially at 69.99!
  12. storm sniper of the two you chose.
  13. I have looked at both cases at a local electronics store. The Coolermaster Storm Sniper is a little bit larger than the HAF 922. In addition, ventilation, airflow, and cooling is a little bit better. Personally I think the Storm Sniper is the better looking case.

    I'd say it is a matter of personal preference. Buy the one you like.
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