What type of 5770 to get? Thanks

I'm going to purchace a Radeon HD 5770 for my new Rig ( Phenom x 4 955 BE @ 3.7Ghz, 4GB G.Skill 1600Mhz DDR3 Ram, Gigabyte UD3H motherboard, Antec true power 650watts modular PSU)

I only game at 1440 x 900 and my question is I'm not sure what kind of HD 5770 to get, Should I just get an ordianry XFX one, or will I see large benif fitting getting a Acer Cu-core edition, or XFX "xxx" edition of a HAWX edition of the card. Do you think that the extra £30 for one of the these cards would be worth while?

Also will my computer with one these cards be able to max out the majority of games such as GTA IV, Crysis etc at my small 1440 x 900 res.

Thanks for advice

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  1. GTA IV you won't be able to max out completely (such as view distance), but that's not bad. It's mainly because of the amount of memory it requires. With the 5770, you'll have 1gig of memory and it won't be enough to max GTA IV out completely.

    However, view distance can be set around 35 and still be excellent with all the other values bumped up pretty high.

    With the 5770 and the Phenom X4, you should be good to. I have a Phenom X3 720 BE (unlocked 4th core and OC'd from 2.8ghz to 3.61ghz) with an XFX HD5750 (OC'd as well) and I have most of the settings up pretty high and I average around 45fps with GTA IV at 1280x1024.

    So, getting a 5770, you should see better FPS than what I get. Maybe not a lot, but possibly 5fps more than me.
  2. The CuCore card allows you to raise the voltage for a slightly better overclock but at your resolution I wouldn't bother spending more for it myself and certainly not that much more.
  3. i have basically the same setup. 955 OC 3.8ghz and a 5770. at that resolution of Crysis with settings maxed out you should expect around 30fps.

    for GTA4 you can expect about what he said

    honestly i would just go with a regular 5770. besides those 2 games basically every game i have gets 60+ fps maxed out

    like MW2, Assasins Creed. COD4 & 5.
    Company of Heroes. etc

    basically the other ones just provide a slight OC which in most cases you wont really notice
  4. I'd just get the cheapest one with the best ratings at Newegg.com. I like Sapphire and XFX the best.
  5. The main thing I look for when choosing a company is warranty. XFX I'm pretty sure (if I remember right) has a OC friendly lifetime warranty.
  6. Don't bother with the Asus Cucore - Cooler is rubbish! I have one in one of my machines and its noisy under load and lets the card heat up quite high. If I was buying again I'd get a card with one of the 'egg cooler' heatpipe designs like a HIS or Sapphire. That will keep it cooler and quieter. Other than that though fantastic card. - Great price/performance.
  7. The Sapphire Vapor-X one cools amazingly and is really quiet.
  8. Sapphire one works decent for me, was getting up to 70 Celsius after not long on far cry 2 but the fan was set at default 36%, i have it at 70% during games now which is pretty loud but you learn to ignore it.
  9. if you can buy 1 (or even 2) really CHEAP then brands dont matter they are all basically the same, some may have better cooling than others but its easy to fix heating problems

    i got 2 Visiontek at besbuy both for $215 and they are both Egg cooler types

  10. Get an XFX juniper (Square looking one) It channels the air out of the case, as apposed to spitting it out in your case. XFX also has a life time warrenty but remember to register the card or they wont help you if anything happens down the road.
  11. ninelivesproductions said:
    Get an XFX juniper (Square looking one) It channels the air out of the case, as apposed to spitting it out in your case.

    If your case has good air flow already then an open design can actually be superior to the closed designs that channel the air out of the case.
  12. jyjjy said:
    If your case has good air flow already then an open design can actually be superior to the closed designs that channel the air out of the case.

    Do you really want your video card to heat up the components around it? BTW the Juniper 5770 covers the vram chips with the massive heatsink... It helps a lot.
  13. It wont heat up the components around it if your case has good airflow. All I'm saying is the choice isn't as simple as you think it is. A closed design can actually be inferior at cooling the card in certain setups.
  14. The juniper coolers may exhaust heat out of the case but they do not cool the card as efficiently as the heatpipe designs as they are a solid sink. As jyjjy says just because it exhausts out the back doesn't mean its better. If you have an intake and exhaust fan in your case it doesn't make enough of a difference to worry about especially on a card this small and efficient. You'd be better off having less noise your case becasue the gfx fan won't have to spin as high to keep it cool.
  15. In that case I should seriously consider getting the $10 cheaper version with heatpipes. I wanted the juniper one because it looks like a baby 5870.
  16. All the cards are Junipers btw, that is just the code name for the graphics processor in these cards. The box fan is just the reference cooler although not many of them use it any more. If you really want the card with best cooler go for the MSI Hawk;
    It's probably more than I would spend but it is a very nice card and the best for overclocking.
  17. I think the one jyjjy just refrenced is probably your best bet I paid 159+ shippping = 167 for a 5770 thinking i had to have the same exact brand and model to crossfire and I didn't know you can mix and match brands, I wouldn't of minded a extra 10-15 bucks for a superior cooler, especially seeing as my motherboard layout makes it so its sitting right above one of my bridges
  18. Oh yeah, I have to get the blower cooler one to channel heat out of the case because the heat sink of the egg version would make my north bridge hotter than it needs to be, as it would be 1cm away. I am getting the Cooler Master HAF 922 though...
  19. That case is large and has 3 fans. I really wouldn't worry at all about the cooling on a card as low power as the HD5770 in a case like that.
  20. jyjjy can you either answer here or answer the other thread I have asking if power color is any good for this card? Its a 5770 thats the same price as the egg shrouded one and comes with dirt 2... should it be okay?
  21. From what I've read the cards themselves are pretty good but supposedly Powercolor customer service is terrible so that's up to you.
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