Unusual PC boot problems

Hi all.

quick run through of pc spec -

mobo - p5n32e sli plus
cpu - intel E6700@2.67ghz
gpu - radeon hd5850
psu - coolermaster silent pro M 700w
ram - 2x2gig 800mhz corsair
2 sata HDD
2 DVD drives

I have a problem with my nearly 3 year old setup, which started out as a really slow boot, where it would take a few minutes for the monitor to "power on" and for the bios boot screen to appear, but has now developed into having to turn the computer on and reset it 10+ times before the bios will kick in, at which point the PC starts up as normal and works/plays exactly as it should.

In more detail -

When i turn my pc on the power light and hdd light will both come on. The monitor will remain in standby (orange light) and the 2 dvd-roms will light up, make a spinning noise and then go silent, one after the other. After a few seconds the HDD activity light will go out and my PC will do nothing more, no matter how long you leave it.

So I hit the reset button (or turn the power off/on depending on my mood). I will repeat the above sequence at least 5 times and usually no more than 10.

Eventually the HDD activity light stays on for much longer, then the DVD-roms take it in turns to light and spin up continuously up to 5 times each and then suddenly my monitor kicks in to life with its usual blue light, the BIOS screen appears, and I have to press F2 for boot to continue. All HDD's and DVD-ROMS show up as normal, bios recognises my 4gig of ram and as I mentioned earlier once it gets past the bios, windows boots up as normal, as fast as usual and works perfectly as it should.

I have attempted to narrow the problem down by unplugging different things to see if it makes a difference. I have removed DVD drives one at a time, RAM sticks one at a time to check them, switched my graphics card with another to see if that made a difference and today i received a new power supply which I had convinced myself was the problem. It doesn't appear to be.

Is anyone able to provide thoughts on this problem? The frustrating part is that once the pc boots it works as beautifully as usual, but spending 10 minutes to get it to boot everytime i want to do something is getting really annoying.

Sorry for the length of this post, and thanks to anyone who can suggest anything
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  1. Have you tryed replacing the battery on the MB?
    Or you could do that and then update the bios...maybe something got the bios messed up?

  2. I'm sad to admit I don't actually know where the battery is or how to replace it. With regards to the BIOS i can't find one on asus' website, so I can't figure out what the latest version is
  3. Try a better power supply. Most of the OCZ PSU's are, at best, adequate.
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