I have an SSD for a boot drive; what's the best hard drive for gaming?

I bought a 128gb Samsung 830, and I plan on using it for my os and a couple of games with heavy load times. I want to buy a hdd for the rest of my games (And videos, music, and that kind of stuff of course) and I'm not sure what drive I should get.

I was looking at the Caviar Black, but after reading an old tomshardware comparison, it seems like it puts off a lot of heat and consumes a lot of power and it could actually be slower than the Samsung Spinpoint (The comparison is here:,2017-6.html)

Also, Amazon is currently selling Caviar Blacks for $109. Is that the normal price? It says it's marked down from around $200 but I don't know if that's a marketing trick or if I should spring to get it.

Any thoughts on what's better?
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  1. Access times are one of the most important things for modern hard drives.

    If you look at how programs use the drive(grabbing little parts of data from different parts of a file or even all over the drive.), raw speed is not always the leading performance factor. That is one reason why even older SSD's are still very fast. Even with a multi drive HDD raid setup, SSD's win because of access times.

    I have a Black 2TB. Yeah its hot slightly louder(start up spin is very noticeable) then my other drives, but still quieter then many old drives. My Black 640's on the other hand made almost no noise.

    HD tune free does not accurately show the drives access times because it does not pass about half the drive(1tb drives would be accurate).

    WDC 2TB Black

    Seagates new cheap drive. Too soon to tell how long it will last. This drive parks the heads often and fairly loudly
  2. I have several blacks, mostly use some 500 GB versions tho. I also have a 1TB spinpoint. They are all great drives...but to be honest, coming from an ssd, I can hardly tell a difference between he two. I would go for the more economical option. (when I got mine that was the spin points...)
  3. I like the black series also , and put a 1 tb black in my moms hp last week.
  4. I've got both and I would say the WD's are slightly better performers overall and certainly has the better warranty support (of course the drive will fail, its just a matter of time). I've never had an issue RMA'ing a WD drive (long time user here) but the Sammy's I've only used for a couple of years now and have yet to have one fail. I have 2 about 2 yrs old and 3 more that are about a yr old.
  5. Wow, the responses were even better than I figured they would be. Thanks everyone!

    I'm always worried about heat, and the fact that the western digital drive is 8 degrees higher is a little discouraging. What is the name of the seagate drive you tested, nukemaster? I'm more worried about heat than noise, and for a roughly 1.5 millisecond loss in access time it seems worth it. And thanks for REALLY going the extra mile and running tests; I wasn't expecting anyone to do that. I'd select yours as best answer but I'm not sure if people can reply after you do that, and then I wouldn't know which seagate drive to get.

    Thanks again, everyone!

    (And I'm sorry the link to the old toms hardware comparison didn't work; I swear it was working only a few minutes before I posted it...)
  6. If budget is not an issue, look at the latest WD velociraptor, namely the HTZ suffix drives.
    250/500/1000gb drives.
    Here is a review:
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    your link just had an extra ) in it,2017-6.html

    This is the drive.

    I already had the benchmark :)

    I would also like to point out that the WDC Black comes with a much longer warranty(5yr vs 1yr).

    As for heat, As long as your case is ventilated, it should not be an issue. I shoved in in a place with no air flow(it is mounted behind my motherboard tray). so mine as hotter(And i mean HOTTER when the system loads up).

    Still always your choice.
  8. I'm glad that there's someone around here who knows how to fix internet links when I mess them up.

    Well, even if you did the benchmarks earlier, or even if someone else did them and you just posted them, they were still very helpful.

    Thanks! I'm in the US, and apparently on the US version of the site it's $99.99, so that's pretty enticing.

    I've heard people mention that if a drive isn't any good it's much more likely to go out sometime in the first year. I don't know if that's true but I might just convince myself it is if I can get twice as much storage space for ten dollars less without losing much performance. I'm joking of course, but still.

    Yeah, I'm probably a hypochondriac about heat. I'm sure it'd be fine if I got it, I'm just worried about temps getting too high in the future if I get another 7970. I've got an Antec P280 and two case fans for the front, so the airflow will be right over the hard drive, but it's still just something I worry about.

    I order the hard drive in a week; I'll decide by then. Thanks again, you helped me see all the ups and downs. Everyone else did too of course.
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  10. When you get that SSD installed with what ever drive you use.

    Move over your desktop/documents and stuff like that to save SSD space. You can even reduce the page file size and turn off hibernation if you are not using it. This all saves lots of space.

    DjScribbles had linked a guide to moving the users folder to a hard drive.
  11. I've been looking up stuff I'd have to do to optimize ssd space and yeah, it sounds like a pain. Thanks for the link though; I'm positive it'll help when it gets time to use it.
  12. If ya don't wanna deal with the "pain" of the SSD / HD, I'd recommend the Seagate Momentus 750 which is a SSD/HD hybrid .... the betetr SSD's boot to Woindows in 16 seconds..... the Momentus does it in 17.

    For straight up large capacity HD's, I use the Seagate Barracuda XT's''

    For a hard drive, the Barracuda XT series offers the best performance available from a 7200 RPM mechanical storage device. It's not quite as fast as the Seagate Momentus-XT Solid State Hybrid Drive, but then again that product series doesn't offer storage capacities beyond 750GB. The same is true for all modern SSDs, which outperform the Barracuda XT in terms of IOPS performance and transfer speed but fail to offer reasonable capacity.
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