Hard drive dying the reason why some games have low fps?

Could my Western Digital caviar black 640gb 32mb cache sata 3.0gb/s be the reason minecraft, bf3, just cause 2 have low fps, when they all had above 60fps at high graphic settings(fancy for minecraft) 2-3 months ago?
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  1. no hard drives have no effect on that.
  2. what are your full specs?
  3. Phenom ii x4 @ 3.8ghz, 4gb DDR3 1600(set at 1333) gtx 460 1gb, WD caviar black 640gb, asrock extreme3 AM3 mobo. mobo has newest bios update, videocard has newest drivers, I can't seem to figure out why my games run so bad all of a sudden when they ran perfectly just a few months ago. My hdd is about 2-3 years old now, and I've been getting blue screens lately and i figured it was my harddrive dying or something of the sort. =\

    I've reformatted my computer hoping that would solve the problem, these games still ran like crap. I've tried different video drivers non-successful, I did however, able to get minecraft to run great, but as soon as i quit the game and restarted it the game ran horrible again.
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