Wheres the 3.5 bays? Cooler Master Elite 370

Hi, i am currently in the making of my new gaming PC, and im stuck. I cant find the 3.5 bays on this case: Cooler Master Elite 370 (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case w/400W Power Supply. Please help!!!
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  1. Please Help!!!!!!!
  2. all the bays located under the 5.25 bays O_o
  3. Wheres the 5.25 bays? I dont understand this case at all
  4. COME ON I need help really bad :(
  5. When looking from the left side of the case with the side panel off the drive bays are on the right at the front of the case. At the top there are 3 5.25in bays and below that are 5 3.5in bays.
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