$215 Visiontek 5770 Crossfire (2x vidcards) EPIC FAIL no Xfire bridge

ok i just picked up my new pair of Visiontek 5770s i got at Bestbuy in Gurnee,IL for $215 for both of them($104.99 each + Tax - $10 Rewardzone giftcard) that was on clearance for $167.99 but i told them if they pricematched it with another bestbuy with $104.99 id take 2...

NEITHER card has a Crossfire bridge, so is there a specific type of bridge for each kind of video card (5770, 5830, etc) or arre they all universal and where is the best place to buy some since bestbuy did not sell them
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    The connector should come with the graphic cards. Although you can buy one really cheap if it doesnt.

    All connectors sold by the bigger companies work with all ati cards (which have xfire support).
  2. so stupid not to have included a crossfire bridge
  3. Newegg has been shipping ATI cards without them, you have to pay attention. Look for them in the picture or 'whats in the box'. imo they found a creative way to save 10 bucks , here and there. I have the xfx 4770 , they have been selling for months, at some point, they changed the picture and eliminated the bridge in the box. User reviews started mentioning it, some get joy by calling xfx, and point to their own web site, where they show most models including it. Of course, its the inconvenience , like this fellow is having. he wants to hook it all up NOW and go. Can't blame him. :)
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